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From a quick cup of coffee to a special gathering with friends, residents from The Rapids at Riverfront Place will relish having a new 7,000 sq. ft. restaurant as well as other eateries of all shapes and sizes just a few floors below their home. This new hotspot is where local workers and university students will visit on their lunch break, families will enjoy a meal together, couples can have a quiet date, or friends can celebrate a birthday. Residents and visitors will patron these restaurants because of the proximity, variety, and will appreciate the exceptional outdoor experience. Riverfront Place has been designed so those that live at The Rapids have quick access to an array of dining options, while guests can easily walk or drive to enjoy the delectable cuisine.

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We are excited to announce Trevioli’s is NOW OPEN!

River Life

When you call The Rapids at Riverfront Place home, not only do you become part of Columbus’ newest luxury community, you experience unparalleled living.


The first floor of The Rapids at Riverfront Place will have 8,000 sq. ft. of flexible retail and restaurant space, providing residents and visitors direct access to premier shopping and dining.

Landlord shall perform the following work in or for the Demised Premises at Landlord’s expense. All other work in the Demised Premises shall be performed at tenant’s expense.

  • 7,500 sq. ft. of premier restaurant space
  • Including a dedicated outdoor dining environment overlooking the Riverwalk and the River
  • 2” water service
  • 2” gas service
  • Welded ducted vent shaft to the roof
  • 600 Amp electrical panel
  • 1,500 gallon grease trap installed
  • Concrete ribbon slab for design flexibility

With 16,000 sq. feet of shops and restaurants space we have something to fit almost any size concept.

  1. Perimeter Walls. All shell building walls will be of either exposed masonry, concrete or drywall, at Landlord’s discretion, per Landlord’s drawings.
  2. Floor Slabs. All bays contain a perimeter “ribbon slab” allowing for maximum flexibility in design.
  3. Storefront. Shall be installed by Landlord to meet required building design standards.
  4. Electrical Service for Restaurants. An electrical service panel will be provided. Electrical service will be 120/208 volt (3 phase). Electrical Panel Sized as follows for restaurants: a. 600 Amp Panel
  5. Telephone and Data Service. A 1” conduit for telephone and data lines with pull string will be provided and telephone backboard installed at rear of space.
  6. Heating and Air Conditioning System. Heating and Air Conditioning will be installed at (1) one ton per 125 sq. ft. by Landlord and in good working order.
  7. Hood Vent. Landlord to provide welded ductwork for kitchen hood vent vertically through building to allow venting to the roof.
  8. Sewer and Water. 4” sanitary sewer line with clean-out will be stubbed at rear of space. Water line stub size is 2” for restaurants.
  9. Natural Gas. Landlord will provide a 2” natural gas line to restaurant spaces.
  10. Grease Trap. Landlord to provided 2 - 1,500 gallon grease traps.
  11. Ceiling Treatment. An open ceiling will be provided.
  12. Fire Sprinkler. Landlord will provide sprinkler riser and distribution system per code requirements.
  13. Columns. Any freestanding structural columns will be fireproofed in accordance with the requirements of jurisdictional authorities.
  14. Lighting. Emergency and exit lighting will be supplied and installed for a shell space. Exterior lights will be provided per Landlord building plans.
  15. Dumpster Pad/Fencing. Tenant will use Landlord’s common area dumpsters.
  16. Hose Bib. Landlord will furnish and install hose bib on building exterior per Landlord plans.

Finish specifications and design standards are subject to change without notice. Final design shall be determined by the lease document.

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